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With the UK high street banks making it more difficult to arrange business asset finance, it has become extremely challenging for SMEs to get financing for key areas of their operations. This is where Commercial and Asset Finance come in. Collectively we have over 40 years’ experience in Asset Finance provision - We will find a solution.

Hire Purchase

When you want to own the asset outright, this is the most traditional form of asset finance. Interest charges can be fixed or variable and the term varied to suit individual cash flow requirements.

Finance Lease

Unlike hire purchase ownership never passes to the named Customer/Hirer on a lease agreement. The customer effectively rents the asset for a predetermined period of time from the finance company. At the end of this period the hirer traditionally has 3 options
1) Retain the use of the asset by paying a secondary period rental
2) Sell the goods to a third party on behalf of the finance company
3) Return the asset to the finance company

Sale and Leaseback or (HP) Back

If vehicles or equipment have been purchased outright by a customer using their own cash flow it is possible to fund these assets either by Hire Purchase (England Only) or Lease provided the transaction is completed within a maximum of 90 days of the goods being purchased.


If cash is required to be injected into the business to fund business expansion, a buyout or simply for working capital, owned or partly owned assets can be used for this purpose. This is one of our most popular products..


At Commercial and Asset Finance our specialist team can arrange many types of loans.

Business Loans for any purpose*

We offer business loans to clients throughout the United Kingdom, utilising our experience and close contacts with many banks and finance companies to ensure we always achieve the most competitive terms for our clients.
From £15,000 to £350,000 Unsecured.

Fixed Rate, monthly repayment loans with terms from 6 months to 5 years.
Totally independent from your business banking, giving you the flexibility to run your business effectively.

*Loans cannot be used for property development.

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Personal Guarantees will be required for most unsecured loans and some secured loans.

Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Companies & LLP’s.
Must be able to provide a minimum of 2 years accounts.
All directors must be UK based.
No CCJ’s above £250 allowed.
Minimum turnover £100k per annum.
We can also arrange cash advances based on historical credit/debit card sales for consumer facing SME’s who are in need of short-term cash fast.
Quick and easy to arrange!

Invoice Financing

Unpaid customer invoices are becoming more and more a characteristic in businesses both big and small. Our Cashflow release facilities can unlock the funds tied up in these unpaid invoices and reduce the reliance any business has on an overdraft facility which as you are probably aware, can be removed at any time. The term Invoice Finance means releasing cash tied up in your outstanding invoices.

There are two main types of Invoice Financing; Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

Invoice Factoring

Factoring provides finance and a comprehensive sales ledger service to growing businesses. The factoring facility provider will make available up to 90% of the value of all approved invoices – In most cases this is paid into your bank account within 24 hours. The balance less charges is paid to the client when their customers pay the invoice.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting can be completely confidential and leaves the client in full control of the sales ledger and collection of invoice payments from customers. In very simple terms, invoice discounting allows you to receive up to 85% of the money you’re owed within 24 hours of submitting an invoice. Money is advanced against the invoice without your customer knowing of any provider involvement.


We are pleased to offer Operating Lease facilities for HGVs, Buses and Coaches.

What are the benefits of an operating lease?

* Fixed, known payments.
* Improved cash flow.
* Reduced tax payments and the option to reclaim VAT.
* Rentals are considered an expense item.
* Additional line of finance that may not affect banking arrangements.
* Reduces the risk ownership.

Please note that, whilst rentals are currently considered to be an off balance sheet item, with effect from January 2019 and the introduction of IFRS 16 the rental will be shown on the balance sheet.

* The Coach or Bus you want, when you want it
* Lease for as long as you need the vehicle - matching term to underlying contracts
* Keep your fleet fresh, with improved reliability and lower maintenance costs
* Doesn’t tie up your balance sheet
* No interest rate or currency risk
* When your contract ends, you can give the vehicle back or extend the lease term


Need some help with your HMRC bills? Ask us about our newest product VAT & Tax Loans.
VAT loans are spread over three months with Tax loans being spread over twelve

Monies are paid directly to HMRC by the Funders to ensure the bills are covered before the due date.

This product assists with cashflow and allows the repayment of these bills to be
spread without the worry of having to pay penalties for late payment.

Case Studies

In addition to general asset finance, there are times when a cash injection is required quickly. Below are just three case studies showing how Commercial and Asset helped customers. 1. A bank removed an overdraft facility. 2. Our customer was left with a £100K debt after one of their customers went out of business and 3. A young business needed to expand and was refused by their bank.

Bank removed overdraft facility.

A customer called us in a panic after the bank gave them the devastating news that they were removing their overdraft facility with immediate effect. As many businesses do, they had utilised this facility for many years and had come to depend on it for ensuring cash flow was maintained. Removing their overdraft facility could have signalled the end for this long established family run business however the customer approached us for help and that is exactly what we did. Via one of our lenders, we were able to complete an application, get an acceptance and more importantly have the money paid in to the customers bank within 7 working days.

We secured enough money to enable the customer to pay off the overdraft facility without any impact on the business and give them a working capital boost.

The business has continued to go from strength to strength.

Customer gone out of business owing our customer money.

One of our very good customers contacted us in December to say they were given the devastating news that one of their large customers had gone out of business owing them in excess of £100k. Our customer was relying on this payment to enable them to pay staff their Christmas wage. This was the worst possible news our customer could have received but they contacted Commercial and Asset for help. We felt the best way forward was to refinance assets to raise money. Our customer owned a number of items of plant and machinery and had several others which had small finance balances due. We cleared these small balances off and did one new loan for the company secured against these items of plant and machinery. Importantly the deal was concluded very quickly and the money was in the bank within 5 working days and this enabled the wages to be paid as normal without any impact to the business.

It isn't always emergency funding we secure. We also access planned funding for businesses to help them maintain their current market share or help them expand it!

Young Business Looking to expand.

We were referred to a new customer who had only been trading for 12 months and was looking to purchase a number of vehicles and plant and machinery to help with business growth. The customer contacted Commercial and Asset after his bank had refused to lend them money as they classed their business as too young. Fortunately we know a number of funders who are happy to help young businesses grow. We were able to secure funding through several funders enabling the assets to be purchased and at the same time building the customers credit history. Building their credit history stood the company in good stead. They have grown over the last few years purchasing many additional items of plant and machinery all funded quickly and easily by Commercial and Asset's panel of lenders.

If you can relate to any of these case studies or if you just need to make a purchase and want to hold on to your cash please get in touch to see how we can help you.


  • Bardem Limited.
    “Laura, delighted with the speed in which you delivered. Particularly considering we are a relatively new company.
    It has put a bit more wind in our sails and the machine is on site working away. Here’s to many more”, regards, George.
  • Finco Contracts Limited
    “We have dealt with Blair and Commercial & Asset Finance Limited and cannot speak highly enough about him and his business.
    We are for ever indebted to Blair as he was there for us in our hour of need and got us cash when we needed it the most.”
  • Suzanne Wilson – Director, Concrete Taxi Limited
    “Thank you Blair and team for sourcing and securing finance for our business. Your knowledge and service helped
    us progress as we intended, without the stress, giving us access to the best deal for us and our circumstances.
    We are most grateful for your input and would recommend your service to others.”
  • JG Findlay Limited
    “We here at JG Findlay Ltd have experienced rapid expansion in the last 3 years, this has been greatly assisted
    by the efficiency and professionalism consistently applied by Blair and his team at Commercial & Asset who
    constantly raise the bar in terms of customer service and delivery.”
  • IM Glasgow
    “Our Company needed a very quick cash injection to cover payment of urgently required imports. We were introduced
    to Commercial & Asset and were most impressed by the speed of service and efficiency of both Blair and Angela.
    The transaction was completed with the minimum of red tape and we were able to complete our deliveries on time.”
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